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Using coconut oil and butter in your coffee

There are several steps to making a good cup of coffee. Bulletproof is the best designed to make your coffee fuel your brain so you can have energy and loose weight.  We all know by now that coconut oil and butter is good for you – Butter has vitamin K and coconut oil is just plain great for all kinds of health benefits.

Here are some of the steps to putting this in your coffee the right way: to get the rest of the steps follow bulletproof on their blog:

Checklist: Bulletproof Coffee 101

Here’s the checklist you must follow to ensure your cup of Bulletproof Coffee is giving you the maximum possible benefit from drinking it:

  1. Brew coffee using coffee beans without mold: either brew Upgraded beans, which are specifically designed and tested to contain the lowest mold toxins of any retail coffee in the U.S.  If you don’t want to do this, see #2.
  2. Failing that, at least use good coffee: Whatever you do, please do not use your office’s nasty, burnt, week old coffee – one major TV station made this mistake.  If you don’t want to buy Upgraded coffee beans, at least follow this 3-step protocol for finding the cleanest coffee possible on store shelves.

Find the rest here : 

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