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General Guidelines to Brewing Great Coffee

Water: Water makes up a vast majority of the complete coffee beverage. For this reason it is very important to use filtered water. Poor water quality will show up in the cup. A consistent brewing temperature will also be necessary. 206º F is a preferred starting point. Brewing coffee with too hot of water will burn the coffee leaving a smoky taste, while brewing at too cool of a temperature will likely cause sour flavor. If you are using water off of the boil, be sure to let the water settle for 30seconds before using to allow the temperature to come down.

Grind: Using a burr grinder is necessary to brew excellent coffee. Immediately after grinding coffee the freshness begins degrading as the flavors are released cause the coffee to quickly stale after being ground. Grind size will differ depending on brew method, but is very important to the final product. Coffee to Water Ratio: A scale will come in handy as pre-weighing the coffee is the only true way of assurance. A suggested starting point is 8grams of coffee for 4oz of water. This may be tweaked slightly for preference and alter depending on the brew method. Be careful not to stray too far away as the goal is to extract 18-22 percent of the coffee in order to produce a cup without being over or under extracted.

Cleaning: Dirty equipment and coffee brewers will inevitably create dirty coffee. Make sure all equipment is cleaned daily and serviced when necessary.

Various Brew Methods
V60 Dripper: Tools You Will Need: V60 Hario dripper, Hario #2 paper filters, Hario Scoop, tea kettle or electric kettle, coffee, filtered water, mug and grinder.

Bring water to a boil with a water kettle.

Place filter into the cone of the brewer and place both on top of a mug large enough for the desired amount of brewed coffee.

Before adding any coffee, pour 5oz of hot water into the filter assuring that the entire filter gets pre-wet. This step will also preheat the coffee mug; just make sure to empty out hot water from the coffee mug before actually brewing.

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