Twist on Hot Chocolate
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Twisted Hot Chocolate

From the Blog of LifeHacker, they came up with a great idea. If you want to flavor your next cup of hot chocolate without pre-made mixes, throw in a tea bag or two and infuse it with flavor. Trying new ways to invent a twist to an old fashioned tradition leaves you thinking about endless possibilities to spice up your perfect cup of hot coco.  We recently found a tea with chili and chocolate and adding that into a hot coco mix gave you double the chocolate with a huge kick.  The creaminess of the hot coco knocks down the spice a notch to make the tea and hot coco smooth to drink.

So if your feeling wintry blue you can add some peppermint tea.  Try something different and add pomegranate.  Or another idea infused lemon or orange.

Photo by Just SallyRye.P


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Over at cooking and dining centered blog TheKitchen, they’ve been experimenting with using flavored tea to add a twist to hot coffee.

Another twist to Drink Hot Chocolate