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Starbucks Instant Brew Latte’s

Brewed Daily posted a review of the Starbucks Instant Brew Lattes – 

Starbucks Via Lattes are the newest addition to the Via instant coffee lineup. I’m a big fan of Via, which actually tastes like the coffee roast that it promises to taste like, since it is such a handy thing to have when I’m traveling. Starbucks has had some holiday flavors of Via out before, but the new Via Lattes are the first permanent expansion to the Via lineup. The Via Lattes are available in two flavors: Vanilla Latte and Caffe Mocha. The primary difference between them and standard Via is that they contain milk, sugar and all natural flavors (vanilla and cocoa powder, respectively) to replicate the flavor of a Starbucks latte in instant form. Read more about them here.