Coffee Secrets Revealed


This book provides information about the nation’s favorite drink, coffee, for coffee lovers everywhere. The chapters include everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this wonderful drink: what is coffee, the history of coffee, what you need to know before buying coffee beans, the best way to brew coffee, how to properly store those precious coffee beans when you get them home, the difference between ground coffee and instant coffee, as well as what is green coffee, espresso, cappuccino and mocha (and of course how to make them like a pro barista!)

Become a coffee expert overnight and impress your friends with your new-found knowledge. Learn all about caffeine, the effects of coffee on your health, and the little-known health benefits you can actually get from drinking coffee. You will also discover how to choose the right coffee maker for you and even if you don’t have one, this book will show you how to save money by making great cafe-style coffee at home without a machine. What’s more, it comes complete with 100 delicious coffee recipes for you to try out at home.

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Coffee Secrets Revealed: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Coffee [Kindle Edition]

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