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How to Pour Over Coffee

Pour over coffee has become very popular lately. There are some steeping benefits and the best part you can see the coffee process right in-front of you. Here are the steps that the video covers.

The Details

Before we do the visuals, let’s have a primer on good coffee.

Fresh, clean, cold water to start.
Fresh roasted, quality whole bean coffee. Don’t grind yet!
Coffee is best brewed at temperatures between 92 and 97C, or about 192F and 204F. Guess what – a kettle, just off the boil, once poured, is at the top end of this temperature. Air cools the first bit real quick.
Your starting measurement is this: 7 grams (1 tbsp) of ground coffee for every 120ml (4 ounces) of water (keep in mind, this is just your start – feel free to experiment with the ratios)
Once the kettle is near boil, that’s when you grind – try to time the measuring of your coffee to your brewer with the kettle coming to boil. Ground coffee loses a lot of its aromatics and other stuff in the first minute after being ground.
Stir! Stir the brewing mass while it’s up top (called the slurry), and stir the finished pot.
Only brew what you can drink in 20 mins or so.
Don’t reheat coffee.

Reheating the coffee can make it bitter. In Europe coffee can be served luke warm because of the process it takes, so if it isn’t up to the temperature your use to in the morning, the Coffee Press might be the next best thing to achieving the true taste.