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Buying Green Coffee Beans and homemade roasting methods

We love coffee and wanted to try our hand out at roasting our own beans so we can get a homemade feel and taste in our coffee we can’t buy at the store. I searched the internet and found some ways to roast our own coffee beans with a pop corn maker and in the oven. There were lots of ideas even to take a old popcorn roaster with us when we have a camping trip and roast them over an open fire, which I thought was a great camping experience idea.

Green coffee beans last a while longer than coffee beans that have been roasted.  When you roast them at home it makes a unique flavor and puts a whole new  meaning for a “fresh cup of coffee”.

Pretty soon we will also be selling coffee roasters on our site so stay tuned.

Using a popcorn popper method

Temperatures and heat and what it does to coffee

Roasting coffee beans like cowboys did it in the old days

Wow and I didn’t know green coffee beans can stay fresh for up to a year!

How to pick and roast coffee the easy way

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Try roasting your own coffee and let us know how it goes.